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A Non-Profit Organization

Who We Are

The National Brotherhood of Hunters is a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote unity within the community of Black Hunters. While the first official meeting was held in March 2012, the organization has been a long time in the making.

The NBH is devoted to promoting hunting activities locally, nationally and worldwide. While hunting may be our central theme, this organization is not limited to big game hunting, or even hunting in general! The NBH gladly welcomes any African American outdoor enthusiasts, including anglers and archers. We also want to make it clear that while we primarily encourage black hunters and enthusiasts, the NBH welcomes all nationalities.

Hunting is by no means a new activity to African Americans. For years black men and women have been participating in hunting activities, sometimes in their own backyards. Those who perfect the skill of hunting however, are rarely recognized as the professional outdoorsmen they are. They also rarely have occasions to hunt alongside fellow African Americans who share their passion. That is why black men and women hunters from all walks of life are encouraged to join the National Brotherhood of Hunters.

Why We Exist

The National Brotherhood of Hunters organization was created out of a need as well as a desire. African American NBH President, Gary Ford, M.D. is a longtime big game hunter. He and Andre Johnson (Vice President) are the founders of the NBH.

Both have witnessed first-hand the almost non-existent representation of black hunters within the professional hunting community. African Americans continue to be under represented when it comes to big game safari hunting, as well as fishing and other outdoorsman activities. Winning the title of "Big Game Hunter of the Year" two years in a row was not enough to quell their desire for change. Like other minority hunters, Ford and Johnson long to see an increase in, and more visibility of black hunters.

The organization provides a platform for black hunters to network, join and attend NBH trips or events and annual meetings. You can also plan trips on your own with fellow members and get other hunting related information.

Our Mission

The NBH aims to eventually create a bond of unity that will spread throughout African American hunters all over the globe. The NBH President states: "Our hope is to reach all and leave no one left out." ‚Äč

We long for the day when we begin to see a substantial increase in the number of black hunters, as well other outdoor enthusiasts. The NBH welcomes hunters, anglers, and even plans on developing an archery program with African Americans in mind. The National Brotherhood of Hunters can be an instrumental tool in helping you find hunting groups and individuals to network with. You can share discussions about everything from hunter's education, to issues specific to African American hunters.

Come Join the Hunt

The National Brotherhood of Hunters is here to help African American hunters unite in their love of hunting. We want to start seeing black hunters gain recognition for the skilled huntsmen that we are.

Indulge Your Passion

Are you an African American outdoor enthusiast who is passionate about hunting? If so, the NBH is the group for you. Join us. Become a member so you can start networking with other black hunters around the nation.

Enhance Your Hunting Experience

When you apply and become a member of NBH, you will meet other like-minded African American hunters. You gain a whole network of hunting associates by attending NBH trips and events.